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My wife and I are so blessed to be in a position in our lives to be able to serve you in the Will of God, the Love of Jesus Christ and the Power of the Holy Spirit.

There is no doubt in our minds that God has placed us together to help people all over the world, change their lives and give hope to people that have none. Life changing and hope are in Jesus Christ.

Though we both came up in traditional churches (both of our Dads were pastors), there came a point in our lives when God changed our directions, put us both on a path of teaching ministry  and  placed us in our designated assignment.

My wife Nealetta (known as Lady Letta) and I have served many people for many years, teaching and instructing them in the Word of God while developing them in their Christian Living.

Therefore God has directed and established us in a teaching ministry focused on Christian Living. We are dedicated and we are giving our lives in teaching Christians how to live (Lifestyle), for God and bringing the unsaved into the knowledge of Jesus Christ to confess Him as their Lord and Savior. The most important things to us are your soul and your spiritual growth.

I currently serve as Co-Pastor and Lady Letta heads various teaching ministries at the United Fellowship Church in Vallejo, California.

Though we are invited to preach, minister and teach on many different subjects, God has given us special areas of knowledge and understanding in teaching; for Lady Letta it is the “Daughters of the Kingdom” ministry which teaches women how to live in the Kingdom of God, and for myself it is “Vision” which focuses on moving the vision (God has given you) forward in your church or ministry.

We are available to come and minister wherever God makes opportunity and provision.

We love God, and it is because of the love of God that we love you also.

















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